Where modernity meets the meticulousness of human work to give life to excellence.

Our cellar is equipped with the most advanced technologies.
The fermentation process takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, small and medium, which allow perfect temperature control in order to preserve the identity and expressiveness of the grapes and vineyards.
In compliance with this philosophy, grapes are harvested in different parcels that undergo their own separate fermentation.

Cantina Monti - Monforte d'Alba

Two underground rooms are dedicated to the ageing: here the wines rest in absolute silence and peace. The barriques and the tonneaux, coming from the best French oak, allow the wines to perfectly refine their aromas and their complexity, while some traditional medium-sized barrels welcome the Barolo’s final refinement.

Cantina Monti

In 2011 we made an important choice in terms of energy, deciding to become self-sufficient, obtaining the electricity we need from renewable sources.
A large photovoltaic system on the roof of our new wine-making area with a capacity of 48 kWp makes it possible to meet the estate’s energy needs and to put in the network an additional 70% of the total production. A solution that, in addition to bringing an economic benefit, has its ecological advantages.
Every year we avoid the introduction into the atmosphere of more than 28 tons of carbon dioxide.