San Martino is a part in the village of Monforte. Here, in 1997, was produced the first Barbera of Monti and, later on, the most courageous labels of the winery were added, such as Aura, Dossi Rossi and Langhe Merlot.

In San Martino, Monti runs a vineyard extending 4.3 hectares to an altitude of 420 meters above sea level (1378 feet).
This strip of land, which stretches in a large basin, gives a truly evocative rural landscape: here barbera, chardonnay, riesling, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and nebbiolo merge in a riot of colors and shapes, giving rise to the blends of the winery – such as the Langhe Bianco “l’Aura” and the Langhe Rosso “Dossi Rossi” – the Langhe Merlot and Barbera d’Alba.