Tasting notes

Barbera grapes 100%.

Deep violet, intense, defined.

The fruit is juicy and red: licorice talks to cherry, amarena to rose and vanilla to raspberry.

In the mouth it’s a ballroom, everything is present: gentle acidity, softness and sustained body. All to create a great wine material.

Cold cuts or cheeses, but also rich and well seasoned vegetables. It wants fatness and chewiness, coppa piacentina, capocollo and culatello, or stuffed peppers.

Service temperature: 16-17 °C

Grapes and winemaking

100% Barbera

Vineyards: San Martino, Monforte, 450 meters above sea level, south exposure; Bussia, Monforte, 280 meters above sea level, south-east exposure; Merenda, Monforte, 420 meters above sea level, west exposure

Soil: limestone-sandy, with good amount of clay (20%)

Yield per hectare: 60 quintals

Harvest: by hand, grape selection in the vineyard and in the cellar

Winemaking: horizontal rotary macerators for 4 days at a temperature of about 28 °C

Ageing: malolactic fermentation, ageing 15 months in new Allier French oak barrels and 2 months in stainless steel vats before bottling

Food matching
Baked onion stuffed with parmesan cheese and pears


This wine is born in the following vineyards: